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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peukala Lake, Oklahoma

Well, this won’t be long cause I don’t have much to tell and my tent almost got raided by raccoons a couple of minutes ago so I’m on the look-out.

Wow, that was a long ass drive, and I’ve barely started. I finally left Nashville, TN after spending a couple of days there. My hosts were wonderful and showed me several different aspects of Music City. I got to see some of the touristy downtown stuff, where people from outside Nashville come to see music, very Country, very southern. I got to walk around town and see the Parthenon(???), if you’re wondering why the fuck there’s a Parthenon in Nashville, it’s because they consider themselves the Athens of the South. Why you ask? I didn’t really get a straight answer from anyone. I also got to see some real good live music thanks to my other hostess, Shelby, which I met on the flight from Israel a year ago. She’s from Wyoming actually, and moved to Nashville about a year ago. Thank you Facebook for allowing me to stay in touch with random friends so I could pick up with people on the way. Altogether Nashville was pretty cool, but it was definitely time for me to go on.

So I left Nashville this morning and I drove, and drove and drove and drove and drove. And all I got to was 90 miles before Oklahoma City. I drove for probably 9 hours of net time and I only got half of what I expected to be done. I’m heading for my beloved desert and I can’t wait. On the way from Tennessee there was Memphis where I didn’t stop, cause I think Nashville is pretty similar (this was confirmed to me by two different people), and there was Little Rock, Arkansas, home of our former president Bill, but it wasn’t interesting enough to stop too. There were the Ozarks on the way, just past Little Rock, which seemed beautiful, but once again – I need to get to the desert. I thought about stopping for the night at a couple of camp sites there, but I decided to move on. Finally I reached Oklahoma. Yeah!!! Not! But I found this incredible state park right by a lake, so I decided to call it a night and stop here. And I must say, WOW! I am really surprised. I went running when I just arrived, cause it seemed like a good idea after sitting in the car for so long. On the way I found out that there is a huge lake right by the campsite, so in the middle of the run I jumped into the water, then I kept on running for a bit. On the way I saw a snake curled up in the middle of the trail, and then I sat down for dinner. That’s when the raccoons tried to raid my camp, but I scared them away. Hey, here they are again, they just came back to say hello, and they’re right by my tent. It’s funny how only now I understand how much life there is in these forests even though I’ve been in them for a year, but I was never by myself so it was never quite enough for me to really see it. It’s so loud, there are so many animals everywhere.

Well, I think it’s time for me to go to bed, I need to start bright and early tomorrow. I’ll drive through Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Texas, and then hit Albuquerque, New Mexico or just the Burque as I’ve been told it’s called. I’ll be couch surfing again there, and hopefully they’ll be able to point me in the right direction. Which is what you ask? That’s a good question. That’s why there’s a good chance that the direction they point me in is the right one. For now it’s bed time.

Good night y’all.

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