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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my recent visit to the zoo

well, i was bored of looking for educational jobs, cause i think i have applied already to every outdoor educational job on the globe by now. so i started looking for something different i could do. i stumbled upon an ad for a blog content writer position, and i decided to apply. what the heck i thought, i have a blog, i like to write. i wonder if anybody would appreciate my writing? as a testing assignment i was to write about zoos that care for giraffes. so i gave it a try.
tell me what you thought:

Trying to reach the tallest cupboard in my kitchen for a pan, I was once again confound by my 5 foot stature. While struggling once again to come to terms with my magnitude, I stumbled upon an ad for the local zoo. Promoting the Giraffe as their new highlight, the ad had stated several interesting facts that made me ponder about being on the opposite side of the “height equasion”. Born at 6 feet, and arriving 18 feet at maturity, made everyone of my 5 feet jealous, and each of my 2 feet to walk to the car and drive to the zoo. I thought to myself – maybe I’ll never be 18 feet tall, but at least I would see something that might pacify my envy (or maybe amplify it, I suddenly thought on the way, but I was going nonetheless.)

Arriving at the zoo, I paced 742 steps to reach the giraffes, and I couldn’t help but think – they would have done it with a quarter of the amount of steps. So that would be… and by the time I finished calculating, I had started to read the sign about the giraffes, and forgot about my fruitless calculation attempt. I went on to learn about these elegant creatures that stood in front of me. The sign had said: “The name giraffe is derived from the Arab word "Xirapha," which means "the one who walks very fast” Damn it, I thought, just rubbin’ it in aren’t they? I read on through the endless facts stating the measurements of “the one who walks very fast”, looking for a defect in its 27” tongue, or its ability to fall into deep sleep in 5 minutes . Anxiously, I read through, hoping that there could be something bad in being so tall, but I guess my covetousness had already taken its toll on my approach. Deprived of my one true wish to appease my emotions I went home unsatisfied to say the least.

A couple of days later, I shared my recent zoo adventure with a close friend. I was finally reminded that even though there are supposedly no shortcomings to being so tall, the giraffe was stilled confined to a cage in a zoo. I, on the other hand, could just take a stool to reach my pans, in my unconfined, unconstrained, unrestricted home.

I was relieved. It was better to be 5 foot free.

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