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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

first post

so i cant really write a journal cause I feel like an idiot so instead i'll open a blog (which doesn't make me feel any less like an idiot but it might be cool (i dont think it will, but it might)), and it will at least save me telling the story twice once to myself and a second time to everyone except me.
so i'll start my blog with a few revelations from NYC -
1. the faster you walk the busier you look
2. appearances are everything in NYC
3. people in NYC are very busy!

a have a couple more less interesting ones that i cant remember right now, so if i do i sure will share.
so that was New York City, fastest city in the world and everybody's running around in circles - making money to spend it on things that they feel they have to buy. u get sucked in by the NYC bug, the only problem is the second you step into the city - you got it!

well, enough about NYC, kinda feel that city was a bit to small for me, so i'm off to the big city - Asheville NC. whatta city, they have everything there.
i actually am excited and feel like the real adventure really begins now. i am glad i bought a plane ticket in advance to NC, and couldn't stay in NYC anymore, cause a couple more days and i probably could never have left.
what lies ahead? tryouts on friday until sunday, answers if i got in on monday. and then, the adventure begins - either start working or to hit the roads.
promise i will keep me and y'all posted.

dont know why, but writing my thoughts in english seem easier. i guess if you jave less words to express yourself with, you dont get too confused by them.


  1. great pic nomad!
    btw - feel the same about writing thoughts in english
    and ya, good idea this blog thing, looking forward to updates
    have fun cuz!

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