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Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the Colorado River there i floated and pondered ( and i hate paoelo coello)

a friend of mine recently told me that she google translated my recent post to read it, so i did the same and i find it extremely funny. so here it is, in awkward twisted literal english. if you read the original it's funny, if you cant read hebrew, it makes some sense and gives the general idea, but it definitely isn't exactly what i meant to write. hope you enjoy

Warning excavations during the near post.
Apologies to whoever it suits him. But the fact is, two days on the river with the engine noise that paralyzes all call a midwife many thoughts. So here they are.

During Shitotei down the Colorado River the last two days I found myself the first time in a long time experience of nature, the landscape, the power of the desert not through the legs. I was on a rubber did the trick for me. I sat there on the edge of the boat and I wondered what the difference between experience nature through the legs, and sit back and let the machine do the work for you. Very similar to E SUV, or even a horse ride, something else does the hard work for you and you reap the fruits of labor. The answer I had a very clear and simple - when you make the landscape work hard, you appreciate it more and therefore enjoy it more.

That part was easy. Then I asked myself, but wait - if the logic of this conclusion is correct, it is absolute truth, then I can throw this conclusion on all aspects and dimensions of life. I wondered if I'd like to "earn" my sweat and my work everything in life as the view that I enjoy so much profit? For example, I would like to grind my ice manually every time I want a milkshake? (Of course this is an example of stupid, but I got stuck on it for a while). It bothered me a lot, and engaged him for most of my first day is the balance between being Tcnophil, and naturalism (though I hate both of these concepts). How come I believe in the effectiveness of the technology, and ready to give up most of my privacy, my whole life into Google and the computer, but I also believe necessarily the hard work of climbing the summit of Mt. Without giving myself a (logical and just for argument, of course), with arguments like the need to balance life and not have to be committed to just one thing, blah blah blah. I believe in the absolute value of hard work to satisfy myself, in order to assess equity and especially to achieve the bliss of creativity. On the other hand I believe the true effectiveness of the technology that can cut down the work and allow much larger time investment to work. Of course I came to Marx the call option off work, the Kingdom of the necessity and the Kingdom of freedom, but then I was giving myself and stare.

Another strip mall on the right, cutting the water in the soft layer makes her way through gently and softly to the simplest possible route in that it finds. Power, power which penetrates the water, who lives the simple and pure, into the carpets of sand and stone.Millions of years of life and death, of increase and decrease of the level of flood and drought, all evident in such a visual and simple. Each turn in the river told me the story of the place. Rainbow created by the erosion of the soft layer, combined chance of diverting the water at some time other path. The cave was created because for thousands of years this land was not covered, then the sea rose and came full of snails and created a soft layer of water then fell back, exposed layer and the water has done its. I stared, and my thoughts wandered. I did not care so the family is French and Belgian family who sit with me in the boat. I did not care to hear their stories and their trips, I did not care to chat and hear or play with children, was for me to do that was enough. Away from the conversations in French, trying to figure out, and when I tried to think in French and I found some of my thoughts without language problems, and shallow and boring. So I went back after a few minutes exercise intellectual mine, "essentially eliminating the work is necessary for the mediation between the world of work necessary and the work to create, only when I can get all my work as a work by the work that goes into it, I can get it together as a whole and to bridge the gap between efficiency and satisfaction work ', "and here were the water and created the developer of the mall."

Thanks Dad, geology is really cool.

Monday has been less had time to think about carpets and the elimination of the rock. I have one major concern and key, hold on tight and hold on. Funny how Slough really work in all conditions, when you have time to worry about self-realization that happens, but when you have to worry about the bases - like to stay alive, do not you think the carpets and the elimination of rock. So I held tight. I did not want to fall off the boat, and were several times I was pretty close. Parents in the boat, smiling the smile of concern, a smile of disguise "I do not enjoy at all, but I do not want my children to experience my hysterical", toothy smile, but the wrinkle in the forehead reveals the truth behind it.Children on the other hand, some little more fun is more control, genuine and moving.Jack, age 9 from Antwerp, a combination of crazy stupidity and ignorance, is the only way to describe the most sincere pleasure I saw a while something. And when he laughed, and cried "More, more, harder, bigger! I want to swim it," I believed him. I must really be getting old. I tried very hard to identify with Jack, I wanted to and I forced myself to laugh out loud every time he smiled. I jumped into the water when he jumped into the water, and I wanted to believe that I would want to swim in the madness of the current.But it's too much for me, I stayed just pretend, and it's only a matter of time before the fake smile on my lips would smile of genuine concern lest I die. But now, during my trip that the river did not allow myself to feel old, and whenever I was afraid, I jumped into the water. Every time I feared, I laughed out loud. And when thunder and lightning storm that lasted 20 minutes, drop the temperature to 15 degrees when I wet a half hour of swimming the icy waters of the Colorado, I cheered and laughed. And as Alex, 16 million in France, decided that during the storm psychic he must eat a slice of bread a real carnal lust, I shed my rain coat and let it be, just be. Like a tiger devouring the flesh of his fresh kill, he swallowed a piece and another piece of bread soaked into bites back to dough. The storm ended and not long after the trip ended. I sailed the strongest currents in the U.S., but that again I felt like Petra, tourist experience, that people pay to get excited about near-death experience, without it to be honest. A bit like nature's amusement park, with a degree of risk a little more serious, but no one moment did not think that his life would end this experience. without an initial experience, Cmhit, enjoy what they have experienced. here they'll move on to more organized tour the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas to play Blhmr, LTC. a play famous, and from there to San Francisco hoping that maybe play some hippies but probably not. Too bad, these people worked so hard to get their family on vacation but they just want to touch a real experience, but not be in it, because then it's really scary. at least I did not pay money for it.

Oren said when we were in Jordan, what makes this trip Extreme, really extreme, that it's entirely up to us. There is no one to look after us should we fall, there is no safety net when something goes wrong, there is what we bring to the table with the trip and win.And truly won, and it really made me more responsible about my experience and our depth of our life too. I found that liberating experience through which I wondered about the effectiveness with a work, and I now understand that perhaps this solution, it does not matter what point it will be mine.

My, my, my.

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  1. I am so glad we still need a human being to translate our communications......